Friday, March 19, 2010

Birthday Cobbler

I have the best husband! Not only did he grill me an awesome bloody steak for dinner, but he also made me the Pioneer Woman's blackberry cobbler. It was absolutely, positively, DELICIOUS! I did NOT have seconds and get a stomach ache. :o) Thanks, babe!

Here he is in action...

Here's the finished product... I think it looks just like the Pioneer Woman's version!
And here's a pic of Vito sunning on the deck...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mediocre Tapper and Cobbler

On my way home from dance class Tuesday night, I came to the conclusion that I will NEVER be a great tap dancer. I will always be mediocre. Maybe if I were to quit my job and practice tapping for 8 hours a day like the Olympians, I could be great. Even if I practice in my garage in my spare time, I'm probably not even doing the steps correctly, and that's okay. In my dreams, I'm an awesome tapper doing a solo show on Broadway!

On this same drive home, I was thinking about my dessert preferences. I decided that I love cobbler. Any kind, but I prefer peach or blackberry. This must be a southern thing, don't y'all think? :) I would prefer cobbler a la mode over cake any day.

Not that I don't like cake because I definitely do. The best cake I've ever had was the pumpkin spice cake at my wedding. If anyone is planning a wedding out there, Shelby Lynne's cake shop in Sprindale is awesome. They have other delicious flavors besides pumpkin spice.

On a final note, Real Estate law is horribly boring and not at all interesting. That's all I have to say about that.