Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oliver's Hospital Adventure

Saturday afternoon, Oliver, the fat black cat, started acting very strange. He was panting heavily and acting like he needed to pee in the kitchen sink. That was very strange for him as he occasionally sleeps in the sink. Yes, I know that may sound strange to some, but it is true. Anyway, i called the emergency clinic and they told us to go ahead and bring him in because they wouldn't know how bad off he was until a vet examined him. We got him in the crate, which is somewhat comical since he's rather plump. We got all checked in at the clinic and they took him to the back. I was so upset, I didn't really remember what all the vet told us. I was relying on Brook to listen and remember everything. And he did. Oliver had urinary blockage and needed a catheter and all this other business. He had stay at the clinic until Monday morning. I hated that he had to stay there. I missed him a lot. Little Bit hollered all night long. I guess he missed him too. We picked up Oliver on Monday morning and took him to our regular vet. He wanted to keep him overnight until they could remove his catheter. We got to take him home on Tuesday. Well, ever since he's been home, Little Bit has been growling and hissing at him and just being a little pill. He's also been pouting and going under our bed. Brook suspects that Little Bit got used to being the only cat for a few days and now he's being territorial. I kind of get it. He is an animal, after all. But still! These are two cats who love each other. They cuddle, play, and sleep together. At least they did. I've told Little Bit he's going to have to just get over it. Oliver isn't going anywhere again, hopefully!! And for the record, the Emergency Vet Clinic is EXPENSIVE! Here is evidence that they do love each other.