Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tacky Sweaters

Last weekend, we went to a tacky sweater/cookie exchange/ white elephant party. We came home with tons of cookies and candy, an awesome Santa cookie jar, Christmas socks, and a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone candle. Here we are in our tacky sweaters!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Our house was transformed the weekend of Thanksgiving. We had a couple of items break this year. The first was a very old plate that my mom gave me. Apparently, I had put it in the tree skirt last year so it would be safe in storage. Well, when I pulled out the tree skirt this year, I had obviously forgotten the plate was in there. It shattered all over the floor and there were lots of tears because that plate was very old and I loved it. Maybe I can find another one online somewhere. Also, I had a Mickey and Minnie snow globe that was destroyed during a cat and dog chase. I guess that's how it is when you have animals in the house. Here's a few pics of the decor around our house. I forgot to take a picture of the kitchen table. We have a small sled in the middle of the table with miniature presents in it. Of course, there are always some presents missing because Oliver and Little Bit love to get them out and bat them around the house. Oliver also loves to steal the cloth napkins from the table and put them in his water bowl. We call him the scientist since he loves to do experiments with stuff in his water.

Our tree...
The hearth...We put all of the Christmas cards we receive on it so it is filled by Christmas! The halltree...

And presenting, the AWESOME, Rhythm & Shoes Christmas tree!
Tomorrow night, Brook and I are going to make cookies & candy. He's going to make his Grandma's famous Golf Balls and I'm going to attempt to make my Grandma's famous English Toffee. Last Sunday, we went to Brook's parents' house and I got to help make some golf balls for the first time. I hope we do this every year and make it a family tradition. I'm sure our Grandmas would be proud. I still need to learn how to make my Grandma's chocolate peppermint sticks, fudge, and peanut brittle.

We've been watching Christmas movies since Thanksgiving and I think we've watched almost of them at least once. My absolute favorite is It's a Wonderful Life.