Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Adventures of Gus Gus

A couple of weeks ago, I was getting ready for work. I looked down and saw a little mouse in the corner of the bathroom. Naturally, I squealed like a little girl and stood up on my stool in case the mouse decided to run across my feet. The cats didn't see him at first and they didn't understand why I was freaking out. I yelled at Brook to come get the mouse, but he quickly ran back into the wall. The next day he appeared again and this time the cats were in the bathroom with me. They managed to chase him around the bathroom, but he ended up escaping again. I decided to name the mouse Gus Gus. Brook told me that naming him was a mistake because I might get attached, blah blah blah. We set up a mouse trap but it didn't work. We moved it from the bathroom to the kitchen. The cats kept sitting in front of the oven. We suspect Gus was living under or behind it. A few days later, the trap in the kitchen was gone. I asked Brook where he moved it and he said he saw Gus in our bedroom the night before. EEEEEEEKKKKK!!! Apparently, he crawled underneath our door (what the cats were doing at the time, I don't know, but they are obviously no good at mouse catching!). Brook didn't want to wake me because he knew I would've freaked out. Yes, I would have. Anyway, Brook discovered that Gus liked butterscotch candy so he put a butterscotch candy in the trap. Sure enough, the next night around 2:30 a.m., I heard something. I whispered to Brook and he said it was Gus Gus in the trap. We slowly got up and peaked in the corner. Gus Gus was trapped! Brook took him to the very back corner of our back yard and released him with his butterscotch candy. Hopefully, he has found a new home and isn't on his way back to our house.


  1. Yeah, I probably would have squealed like a little girl and stood on a chair too. UNLESS Lorelai was nearby then maybe some Mama Bear thing would take over.... but I doubt it. I still maintain the Suzanne Sugarbaker policy that the man should have to kill the bug, the mouse, etc.

    At least you trapped him humanely.

  2. I think this blog entry begs the question: how do you know Gus Gus liked butterscotch.

  3. Yes, I'm glad we were able to use a trap that didn't kill him. That would've made me sad.
    We found out he liked butterscotch because the night Brook saw him in our bedroom, he had a half eaten butterscotch with him. We keep some in a bowl on the kitchen counter and the bad cat likes to get them out of the bowl and knock them on the floor.